RTCI-Manhattanville Educational Leadership Program

RTCI-Manhattanville Educational Leadership Program

Why Manhattanville?
• Programs designed for busy working professionals
• Courses blend theory with practice, with a focus on practical applications
• Make a positive and profound impact on school through evidence-based practice
• Courses taught by successful school leaders who have deep experience in the field
• A long history of success: Graduates are highly sought by schools and school districts
• Develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills need to address the challenges
confronting our school communities
• Benefit from rich interaction with a diverse group of educators

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Bilingual Certification Information Session

Bilingual Certification Information Session

June 16, 2022 4:30 pm Zoom

The Bilingual Education Certification Pathway: Additional Classroom Teaching  Extension program is designed for teachers who hold a valid New York State  Teaching Certificate and wish to earn Bilingual Certification without having to earn an additional degree. Candidates must meet certain Content Core and  Pedagogical Core requirements and must also meet any non-coursework  requirements, such as the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations and fingerprint clearance, as specified.  

This 18 credit program (6 courses) will be offered hybrid online, delivered via Zoom and Canvas. The program is limited to those teachers who have a valid New York  State Teaching Certificate and a master’s degree. 

$1110 per 3 credit graduate course including all fees.


RTC Institute Summer Update 2022

RTC Institute Summer Update 2022

Graduate and Inservice Courses 

6/23–8/4 EDPD 5013.01 Digital Tools to Support  Meaningful Learning 

6/23–8/5 EDPD 5130.01 Mastering the Teacher  Evaluation Process: Effective to Highly Effective  Teaching 

7/1–8/5 EDPD 5055.01 Work Hard/Think Hard:  Developing a Master Teacher Mindset 

7/1–8/5 EDPD 5050.01 Discussions and Questioning  to Build Deep Thinking 

7/1–8/5 EDPD 5018.01 Using Technology to Engage  and Inspire Diverse Learners 

7/14–8/4 EDPD 5018.01 Using Technology to Engage  and Inspire Diverse Learners


6/28–8/23 Social Emotional Learning: A Strategic  Approach 

6/30–8/25 Instructional and Educational Strategies for  ELLs 

7/6–8/31 Voice Technology as an Effective Teaching Tool 7/11–8/29 Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learners 

45 hour Online Courses – Inservice, CTLE

7/1–7/29 Autism Spectrum Disorder 

7/1–7/29 Achieving Literacy Gains for Students with  Limited English 

7/1–7/29 Assessment and Innovative Data Instruction

RTC Summer Update 2022

RTC Summer Update 2022


7/12–7/14 Customizing Google Slides for  Data Collection 

7/19–7/21 Creating Infographics to  Present Data 

7/26–7/28 I Didn’t Know Google Docs  Did That 

Restorative Practices – 15 hrs  With Creative Response to Conflict

7/6,7/13,7/20, 7/27 Hybrid: Peace Restored Introduction to Restorative Practices 

8/3,8/10,8/17, 8/24 Hybrid: Peace  Restored-Training for Circle Keepers

RTC Online Academy

6/15–7/27 Balance the Mind and Heart 

6/15–7/27 Digital Literacy Skills for Online  Research  

6/15–7/27 Helping to Prevent the  Summer Slide for ENL Students