RTC Update September 2021-October 2021

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Upcoming Trainings

9/28- 5/3 7 hrs Early Childhood Professional Learning Community  -Zoom

9/29 3hrs Paraprofessionals in the 21st Century and other trainings for school-related professionals   – Zoom
930-4/16 15 hrs   Elementary Math PLC  – Zoom
10/6 430PM 1hr  Marijuana Today: The Blunt Truth – Zoom
10/7 430PM 1hr Supporting Students in the Classroom: Return to Learn and other Brain Injury Assoc Trainings – Social Work CEUS
10/7 4:30PM 3hrs Culturally Responsive Pedagogy – Zoom


RTCI Summer 2021

Sampling of Courses
Online Courses – 45 hours Inservice or CTLE
7/1-7/29 Online: Achieving Literacy Gains for Students with Limited English
7/1-7/29 Online: Authentic Assessment in Physical Education
7/1-7/29 Online: All Learning Types: Differentiating Instruction to Meet the NGLS
8/2-8/30 Hybrid: Diversity in Children’s Literature
Inservice Courses – 45 hours


Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute May 2021 – June 2021

New Online Graduate Courses 

7/1-8/6 EDPD 5055.01 Work Hard Think Hard: Developing a Master Teacher Mindset

7/1 EDPD 5050.01 Discussions and Questioning to Build Deep Thinking

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Applied Behavior Analysis 

5/17 4pm ABA Info Session with Manhattanville College

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Master’s in Literacy 36 Credit Program

ABA Info Session May 17 4PM

May 5, 2021 – June 16, 2021 Online Academy

Using Google Tools – Intermediate to Advanced Features

Teaching Tools to Support English Language Learners ** ELL CTLE**

Resources for Enhancing School Climate: Empathy, Compassion, UPSTANDER Responsibility and Responsible and Ethical Decision Making  **Social Work CEUs**

Designing Online Instruction

June 15, 2021 – July 27, 2021 Online Academy

Using Google Tools for Collaboration, Enrichment and Differentiation of Instruction

The Effect of Indigenous Languages on ENL Learners** ELL CTLE**

Adjusting Your Mindset: Be Passionate, Be Patient, Be Persistent, and Persevere **Social Work CEUs**