Rockland Teachers’ Center Update – March 2020

Rockland Teachers’ Center is moving courses/trainings to a virtual format to allow all users to participate during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Certain programs, like Poverty Simulations, have been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Virtual trainings

3/31 Elementary Math PLC                                                                                                                                                                   3/31, 4/7 Create & Edit a Podcast Using a Chromebook





Center for Active and Retired Community Book Distribution

On February 13,  2020 RTCI’s Center for Active and Retired Community engaged youth at Haverstraw Center with a literacy event, including the distribution of over 300 books,  reading to a Candace Robinson’s therapy dog Buster, and fun activities centered around reading.

Congratulations to Bilha Berkowitz for her leadership of the group, Ceil Kosofsky for spearheading the project, Candace Robinson and her therapy dog Buster, the volunteers who assisted with the program:  Barbara Weisel, Merri Rosenbaum, Karen Reis, Suzanne Mantin and Stephanie Greenberg,  and to those who donated the books.

The Center for Active and Retired Community  is committed to giving back to the community through volunteering and fundraising activities.

RTC Institute Update – February 2020

Click here for the 2 page RTCI Update February 2020

Upcoming RTCI courses
3/12/20-5/7/20 Digital Citizenship – 3 inservice credits
3/12/20-5/7/20 Strategies for Students Living in Poverty – 3 graduate or inservice credit
3/16/20-4/24/20 Online: Students at the Center of Learning – 45 hours CTLE, inservice
4/2-5/28 Content Literacy Instruction – 3 inservice credits
4/6-5/15 Teachers Positively Impacting Student Learning: The Three E’s of Engagement, Efficacy and Empathy – 3 inservice credits