RTCI Update March 2023

4/12–6/7 Make Grades Matter
4/13–6/16 Impact of Social Issues in Education

15 hour Online Academy (OLA) Courses– Inservice, CTLE

4/26–6/8 Increasing Student Engagement Through Project Based Learning
4/26–6/8 Resources for Enhancing School Climate – Social Work CEUs
4/26–6/8 Yogapalooza: Teaching Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Confidence

RTC Update March 2023

RTC Update March 2023
Science and Technology Integration Trainings
4/11–4/13 Science: Cross-Cutting Concepts & Modeling
4/18–4/20 Google Forms for Data Collection
4/25–4/27 Be the Scientist
3 Hour English Language Learners Asynchronous – ELL CTLE
4/3–4/6 Language Revitalization and the ENL Classroom
4/10-4/13 Celebrating Indigenous Languages through Utilizing Google Earth in the ENL Classroom

Rockland Works March 2023

Rockland Works Computer Skills

Rockland Works Career Center Orientation 

Rockland Works Workshops

RTCI Update – February 2023

RTCI Update

15 hour Online Academy (OLA) Courses– Inservice, CTLE

3/8–4/20 Balance the Mind and Heart-Social Work CEUs
3/8–4/20 Using Google Tools – Intermediate to Advanced Features
3/8–4/20 Ready, Set, Teach…From Anywhere
3/8–4/20 The Effect of Indigenous Languages on ENL Learners – ELL CTLE


2/7–4/18 Using Technology to Empower Students with Special Needs
4/12–6/7 Make Grades Matter