Rockland Teachers’ Center Update – February 2020

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Upcoming trainings!

2/4 Boost Learning & Health with Physical
Activity in School

2/11 Diabetes Care Tasks at School: What Key
Personnel Need to Know

2/19 Mental Health First Aid

2/19 Communicating and Connecting with

2/25, 3/10 Drones in Education

2/25 Elementary Math PLC

3/2 School Employee Wellness: Protecting Our
Schools’ Most Important Asset

3/3 Dealing with Difficult Students in the
School Environment

3/5 Spotlight on Contemporary

Rockland Teacher Center Update – October 2019

Technology Trainings with STEAM Coordinator Greg Montague

 CTLE Trainings for Teaching Assistants and other SRPs

Elementary Math Trainings with Lynda Brennan

October 2019 Rockland Teachers’ Center Update

RTC Update – May 2019

#CulturallyResponsiveEd  #SafeSecureSchools
5/8 Mental Health Education Law
5/15 Gender Identity
5/15 Empowering the Educator with

7/16 Youth Mental Health First Aid

3 hr Online Courses

5/20-5/23 Utilizing Amazon Echo in the
5/20–5/23 EdPuzzle & ENL Classroom -online
5/28–5/31 Resources to Support ELLs Over
the Summer Break – online
5/28–5/31 Read & Write to Support
Language Learning – online


Community Programs
5/13 Mental Health and Wellness 101
5/20 Human Trafficking