Rockland Teachers’ Center – Summer 2020 Update – Grant-funded trainings


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Upcoming Tech trainings

7/14–7/16 Create & Edit a Podcast

7/21–7/23 Make Your Slides Interactive

7/21 10am Google Classroom-Introduction

7/21 1pm Google Classroom- Intermediate

7/21–7/23 Make Your Slides Interactive

7/22 10am Screencastify for Beginners

7/22 1pm Screencastify – Next Steps

7/23 10am SeeSaw (Geared toward Elementary)

7/23 1pm Using Google Slides as Teaching Tool

7/28 1pm Creating Digital Instructional
7/28–7/30 Using Screencastify and the
Built-in Editor

Upcoming SEL trainings

7/14–7/15 Mental Health & Wellness
Literacy – Virtual

7/28 Supporting Students in the
Classroom after a Concussion – Guidance
on Setting up a Return to Learn Policy –

7/29 Suicide Safety for Schools – Virtual


Upcoming ENL Trainings

7/13–7/16 the Importance of Language &
How it is Connected to Culture

7/20–7/23 Exploring Indigenous Language to
Better Connect with ENLs

7/27–7/30 Exploring & Utilizing Indigenous
Language Songs

8/3–8/6 Language Revitalization and the ENL

8/10–8/13 Celebrating Indigenous Languages

Rockland Teachers’ Center Update – April 2020 May 2020

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Additional CTLE opportunities


NYS Teacher Center FREE Remote Learning Opportunities

4/16 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm Virtual Conversation: Family Engagement during COVID 19  (Rockland 21C)

4/23 Padlet for Sharing and Collaborating

4/28 National Board Awareness Session (monthly virtual) – next one May 20

Rockland Teachers’ Center Update – February 2020

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Upcoming trainings!

2/4 Boost Learning & Health with Physical
Activity in School

2/11 Diabetes Care Tasks at School: What Key
Personnel Need to Know

2/19 Mental Health First Aid

2/19 Communicating and Connecting with

2/25, 3/10 Drones in Education

2/25 Elementary Math PLC

3/2 School Employee Wellness: Protecting Our
Schools’ Most Important Asset

3/3 Dealing with Difficult Students in the
School Environment

3/5 Spotlight on Contemporary