New graduate courses begin the end of May 2020

RTCI partners with Manhattanville College to offer graduate and inservice courses.  Choose from a variety of courses beginning 5/26/20.  Click here to register.

5/26–6/23 Classroom Management for Special

5/26–6/23 Transition from School to Adult Life

5/26–6/23 Methods for Teaching Literacy

5/26–6/23 Foundations of Special Education

5/26–6/26 Teaching Geography / Teaching

5/26–6/26 Foundations of Special Education

5/26–6/26 Instructional Strategies for Students with
Learning and Behavior Problems

5/26–6/26 Assessment of Students with Learning &
Behavior Problems

5/26–6/26 Introduction to Students with Learning

5/26–6/26 The Linguistics of English

5/26–6/26 Literary Development in Grades 7–12

5/26–6/26 Strategies for Teaching Young

5/26–6/26 Writing Workshop for for Teachers and Young
5/27–6/24 Math for the Learning Disabled Student

5/27–6/24 Math Methods for Childhood Education

7/1-7/29 How to Use Technology to Engage &
Inspire Diverse Learners

RTCI Update May 2020-June 2020

RTCI Institute Update – March 2020

RTC Institute Update- March 2020

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Community Resources – Coronavirus:

Workforce Development Board of
Rockland County

United Way Coronavirus Resources

United Way 211 – Resource Referrals

Rockland County Health Department


RTC Institute Update – February 2020

Click here for the 2 page RTCI Update February 2020

Upcoming RTCI courses
3/12/20-5/7/20 Digital Citizenship – 3 inservice credits
3/12/20-5/7/20 Strategies for Students Living in Poverty – 3 graduate or inservice credit
3/16/20-4/24/20 Online: Students at the Center of Learning – 45 hours CTLE, inservice
4/2-5/28 Content Literacy Instruction – 3 inservice credits
4/6-5/15 Teachers Positively Impacting Student Learning: The Three E’s of Engagement, Efficacy and Empathy – 3 inservice credits