RTC Institute Update – September 2019

RTC Institute is proud to announce 2 new programs:  M.S. International Education (online) with Concordia College and Technology Education Supplemental Certification with New York City College of Technology. We also offer 15 and 45 hour courses online, DASA trainings and more.  Check out the RTC Institute Update – September 2019

Master’s in Literacy – 36 Credit Program

Master’s in Literacy
Grades B-6 or 5-12
36 Credit Program

Join our next cohort! Start classes in Spring, Summer or Fall 2019!

Teachers with teaching certification and a master’s degree can submit
transcripts for review. Up to 12 credits may transfer toward a second master’s
degree in literacy

Why join the RTCI – SUNY New Paltz Master’s in Literacy program?

 Become a literacy specialist, working one-on-one with struggling readers and writers
 Be a literacy leader at your school or in your district
 Support ALL students with the literacy demands they face
 Increase your employment options by expanding your curriculum-writing and professional
development leadership skills
 Convenient locations, times, and schedules
 Reasonable pricing for graduate level courses
 Courses are offered in a variety of ways, face-to-face, hybrid, and online
 Enhance your knowledge with additional training in the area of literacy
 Qualified Teachers can take up to 6 credits without applying for the whole program
 This program supports Common Core Initiatives

For More Information
For application or New Paltz program questions: contact Amy Mackenzie at 914-552-5336 or

Cost per 3 credit Rockland course: $1050* On-campus courses are $1296*per 3 credit course. (*prices subject to change).

Contact us at 845-499-0851/email jmurray@rockteach.org or visit our website.