November 2022 RTC Update


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Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Classroom
11/15 Understanding ELLs
12/1 and 12/6 Addressing Aggressive Student Behavior in Schools
12/7 Yogapalooza with Bari Koral: A Magic Wand for Calm
1/24 Trauma and Resilience
1/25 The IEP: Supporting Student Instruction
2/8 Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment – Violence Prevention

Book Studies
1/12–3/9 Write Pray Recover
1/23–2/13 Last Child in the Woods
2/1-3/8 We Belong: 50 Strategies to Create Community and Revolutionize Classroom Management

RTC Update October – November 2022

RTC Update October – November 2022

Teacher Trainings

10/18 You Are Not Alone: Surviving the First Years
11/15 Understanding ELLs


10/19 – 3/23

Digital Tools to Differentiate Teaching
Digital Literacy Skills for Online Research
Yogapalooza: Teaching Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Confidence
Teaching ENL Learners Through Engaging Technology – ELL CTLE
Reading & Writing Across All Content Areas

RTC Update

RTC Update

New Teacher Trainings10/11 21st Century Skills for Teachers
10/18 You Are Not Alone: Surviving the First Years
11/1 Empowering New Teachers for Success during the Pandemic
11/15 Understanding ELLs

3 Hour English Language Learners Asynchronous – ELL CTLE

10/17–10/20 ENL Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
10/17–10/20 Cross-Cultural Communication
10/24–10/27 Cross-Cultural Communication and Children’s Literature

Math Trainings

10/11, 11/1 Grades 3-5 Next Gen Math Uncovered
10/18, 11/15 Grades K-2 Next Gen Math Uncovered
9/20-3/28 Regional Elementary Math PLC


RTC Summer Update 2022

RTC Summer Update 2022


7/12–7/14 Customizing Google Slides for  Data Collection 

7/19–7/21 Creating Infographics to  Present Data 

7/26–7/28 I Didn’t Know Google Docs  Did That 

Restorative Practices – 15 hrs  With Creative Response to Conflict

7/6,7/13,7/20, 7/27 Hybrid: Peace Restored Introduction to Restorative Practices 

8/3,8/10,8/17, 8/24 Hybrid: Peace  Restored-Training for Circle Keepers

RTC Online Academy

6/15–7/27 Balance the Mind and Heart 

6/15–7/27 Digital Literacy Skills for Online  Research  

6/15–7/27 Helping to Prevent the  Summer Slide for ENL Students