RTC Institute Update – May 2022

Rockland Institute Update May 2022

Graduate and Inservice Courses

6/2–6/30 EDPD 5140.01 Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum
6/2–8/4 EDPD 5036.01 Restorative Justice: Effective Classroom Management Interventions and Solutions
6/23–8/4 EDPD 5013.01 Digital Tools to Support Meaningful Learning
6/23–8/5 EDPD 5130.01 Mastering the Teacher Evaluation Process: Effective to Highly Effective Teaching
7/1–8/5 EDPD 5055.01 Work Hard/Think Hard: Developing a Master Teacher Mindset
7/1–8/5 EDPD 5050.01 Discussions and Questioning to Build Deep Thinking
7/1–8/5 EDPD 5018.01 Using Technology to Engage and Inspire Diverse Learners
7/7–8/4 EDPD 5135.01 Computer Science Across the Curriculum

Online Academy Summer 2022

Online Academy Summer  Sessions

6/15/22-7/27/22 and 7/12/22-8/23/22

Balance the Mind and Heart: Creating Resilient Schools that Address the Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Academic Needs of Students

Digital Literacy Skills for Online Research

Helping to Prevent the Summer Slide for ENL Students

Using Google Tools – Intermediate to Advanced Features

Yogapalooza: Teaching Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Confidence

Ready, Set, Teach…From Anywhere


Online Academy Registration

Online Academy Spring 2022

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