Bilingual Program Flyer

Bilingual Program Flyer

Overview of Requirements

  • 6 courses (EDU 5130, 5252, 5253, 5255, 5250, and 5256)
  • Bilingual Education Assessments (BEA) – NYSTCE
    • This should be taken as soon as possible.
  • DASA Workshop for NYS Certification (add to your TEACH account before you apply for certification)
  • Prior certification in a content area which includes math, science, social studies and ELA, special education, childhood, early childhood.
    • Please note: The bilingual extension cannot be added to a language (Spanish, French) or ESOL.

RTCI: Joleen Murray

Molloy: Alina Haitz

RTC Institute Summer Update 2022

RTC Institute Summer Update 2022

Graduate and Inservice Courses 

6/23–8/4 EDPD 5013.01 Digital Tools to Support  Meaningful Learning 

6/23–8/5 EDPD 5130.01 Mastering the Teacher  Evaluation Process: Effective to Highly Effective  Teaching 

7/1–8/5 EDPD 5055.01 Work Hard/Think Hard:  Developing a Master Teacher Mindset 

7/1–8/5 EDPD 5050.01 Discussions and Questioning  to Build Deep Thinking 

7/1–8/5 EDPD 5018.01 Using Technology to Engage  and Inspire Diverse Learners 

7/14–8/4 EDPD 5018.01 Using Technology to Engage  and Inspire Diverse Learners


6/28–8/23 Social Emotional Learning: A Strategic  Approach 

6/30–8/25 Instructional and Educational Strategies for  ELLs 

7/6–8/31 Voice Technology as an Effective Teaching Tool 7/11–8/29 Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learners 

45 hour Online Courses – Inservice, CTLE

7/1–7/29 Autism Spectrum Disorder 

7/1–7/29 Achieving Literacy Gains for Students with  Limited English 

7/1–7/29 Assessment and Innovative Data Instruction

RTC Summer Update 2022

RTC Summer Update 2022


7/12–7/14 Customizing Google Slides for  Data Collection 

7/19–7/21 Creating Infographics to  Present Data 

7/26–7/28 I Didn’t Know Google Docs  Did That 

Restorative Practices – 15 hrs  With Creative Response to Conflict

7/6,7/13,7/20, 7/27 Hybrid: Peace Restored Introduction to Restorative Practices 

8/3,8/10,8/17, 8/24 Hybrid: Peace  Restored-Training for Circle Keepers

RTC Online Academy

6/15–7/27 Balance the Mind and Heart 

6/15–7/27 Digital Literacy Skills for Online  Research  

6/15–7/27 Helping to Prevent the  Summer Slide for ENL Students  

RTC Online Academy Summer 2022

RTC Online Academy Summer 2022

 15 hr online courses: In-service or CTLE 


Balance the Mind and Heart: Creating Resilient Schools that Address the Social, Emotional,  Ethical, and Academic Needs of Students **Social Work CEUs**

Digital Literacy Skills for Online Research

Helping to Prevent the Summer Slide for ENL Students **ELL CTLE** Using Google Tools – Intermediate to Advanced Features


Increasing Student Engagement Through Project Based Learning

Resources for Enhancing School Climate: Empathy, Compassion, Upstander Responsibility and Responsible and Ethical Decision Making **Social Work CEUs**

Using Google Tools for Collaboration, Enrichment and Differentiation of Instruction Yogapalooza: Teaching Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Confidence

Ready, Set, Teach…From Anywhere

Engaging ENL Students in a New School Year **ELL CTLE**