RTC Institute Update October 2022

RTC Institute Update October 2022

Graduate courses, Inservice courses, CTLE


Graduate Program Virtual Information Sessions

RTCI-Manhattanville College Graduate Programs

Virtual Information Sessions

11/1/22 4:30pm Additional Certification TESOL

11/17/22 4:30pm Advanced Certificate Social-Emotional Learning and Whole Child Education

11/21/22 4:30pm Certification as School Building Leader and/or School District Leader

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RTC Update – May 2022

RTC Update May 2022

RTC Online Academy (15 hours online)

6/15–7/27 Balance the Mind and Heart
6/15–7/27 Digital Literacy Skills for Online Research
6/15–7/27 Helping to Prevent the Summer Slide for ENL Students
6/15–7/27 Using Google Tools: Intermediate to Advanced Features
7/12–8/23 Online: Increasing Student Engagement Through PBL
7/12–8/23 Resources for Enhancing School Climate
7/12–8/23 Using Google Tools
7/12– 8/23 Yogapalooza: Teaching Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Confidence
7/12–8/23 Ready, Set, Teach…From Anywhere

RTC Institute Update – May 2022

Rockland Institute Update May 2022

Graduate and Inservice Courses

6/2–6/30 EDPD 5140.01 Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum
6/2–8/4 EDPD 5036.01 Restorative Justice: Effective Classroom Management Interventions and Solutions
6/23–8/4 EDPD 5013.01 Digital Tools to Support Meaningful Learning
6/23–8/5 EDPD 5130.01 Mastering the Teacher Evaluation Process: Effective to Highly Effective Teaching
7/1–8/5 EDPD 5055.01 Work Hard/Think Hard: Developing a Master Teacher Mindset
7/1–8/5 EDPD 5050.01 Discussions and Questioning to Build Deep Thinking
7/1–8/5 EDPD 5018.01 Using Technology to Engage and Inspire Diverse Learners
7/7–8/4 EDPD 5135.01 Computer Science Across the Curriculum