RTC December 2022 – January 2023

RTC December 2022 – January 2023

3-Hour English Language Learners Asynchronous – ELL CTLE

1/3–1/6 Strategies for Teaching SS to ELLs
1/9-1/12 Strategies for Teaching Math to ELLs
1/17- 1/20 E-books for ELLs

Book Studies

1/12–3/9 Write Pray Recover
1/23–2/13 Last Child in the Woods


1/12 Intro to Storytelling in the Classroom
2/28–3/31 Online: Teaching and Using Storytelling in the Classroom


Science and Technology Integration

1/10 Science: What is a 3D lesson? Intro to NYSSLS & Engineering Practices

1/17 Science: Cross-Cutting Concepts & Modeling

1/24-1/26 Google Forms for Data Collection

1/31 Science: Be the Scientist: A Guide on Lab Set Up & Data Collection

2/7–2/9 Google Sheets

2/14–2/16  Science: How do we analyze data and develop evidence-based claims?

2/28-3/3 Presenting Data Using Google Slides+

Oral Literacy in the Classroom: The Art of Narration with David Gonzalez

Storyteller Extraordinaire David Gonzalez  will facilitate a workshop on Oral Literacy on July 9. Using a set of classic fables and myths as primary sources,  participants will examine best practices in how to make story narratives come alive in the classroom.  This practical workshop will focus on the three key modalities of oral literacy; image, language, tone.  Syllabus

Registration  – 6 Hours CTLE